Corporate Culture

Midwest maintains a uniquely dynamic work environment that encourages employees to embrace change as they grow, evolve and reach their personal goals. This is achieved by focusing on three key areas: Team Building, Ongoing Training, and Wellness.

Team Building
In the early 1990’s Midwest abandon the traditional worker-supervisor management structure and committed to the new idea of self-managing work teams. This culture of empowerment challenges each and every team member to stay focused on continuous improvement. Open communication, consensus decision-making, cross-functional task teams, open door policies, 360° evaluations, and continuing education are all part of the process.

This unique philosophy has created a company of multi-talented teams that thrive on change. Over the years Midwest has experimented with several different manufacturing methodologies, including MRP II, JIT, and TOC. Throughout it all, team-building has been the constant that drives everyone at Midwest to continue “raising the bar.”

Ongoing training and education is the backbone of continuous improvement. At Midwest, the focus is on providing team members at all levels with opportunities to continue their personal growth and reach their goals.

Teams participate in activities to sharpen communication skills, successfully resolve conflicts, build strong work teams, as well as many other exciting learning opportunities. 

A healthy body and mind are keys to keeping team members happy and performing at their best. Midwest recognizes the importance of this and offers a number of unique programs to promote health and wellness. Stop Smoking Clinics, Physical Fitness Programs and Relay for Life fundraisers are just a few of the events that the employee-led Wellness Committee has offered. The entire organization reaps the benefits of these programs through improved morale and better insurance rates.